Silicone Jewelry Molding Rubber

All Castaldo Silicone Jewelry Molding Rubbers make superior quality molds that are tough, strong, easy to pack, easy to cut and easy to use. Just spread the rubber and press it with your fingers like clay or putty!

  • Castaldo silicone jewelry molding rubbers produce waxes with an extremely smooth high shine finish that won’t stick to the mold. Smooth shiny waxes means faster cleaning and less polishing of finished castings.
  • Wax patterns release from the rubber easily without the use of messy powders or silicone sprays.
  • Molds cut “like butter” yet resist tearing. Castaldo silicone jewelry molding rubbers make complex molds that are stronger than any other silicone molding rubber on the market. Molds last and last!
  • Castaldo silicone molding rubbers will not discolor silver models.
  • High thermal conductivity means that waxes cool more quickly, increasing the number of wax patterns that can be made per hour.
  • Castaldo silicone jewelry molding rubbers make molds that are ideal for vacuum wax injectors because they seal between injections almost as if they had never been cut. A better vacuum is created for better flow and fill.
  • Excellent return to shape, or “memory”.

Castaldo Econosil® Jewelry Molding Rubber

Castaldo Econosil® Jewelry Molding Rubber is a harder, firmer but still flexible version of our Castaldo Super High Strength™ silicone jewelry molding rubber at...

Rapido™ Jewelry Silicone Molding Rubber

Castaldo Rapido jewelry molding rubber is a VERY FAST version of our Super High Strength™, Econosil™ and other silicone jewelry molding rubbers that can...

Silicone Jewelry Molding Rubber

Physical Properties​

Product Comparison

Type Super High Strength Econosil VLT Rapido Super Stretch
Color Tan Brick Red / Brown Blue Green /Teal Marigold Violet
Hardness 38 - 40 48 - 50 38 - 40 38 - 40 28 - 30
Vulcanization Temperature 165° - 176°C (330° - 350° F) 165° - 176° C (330° - 350°F) 71° - 88°C (160° - 190° F) 93°C (200° F) 165° - 176° C (330° - 350° F)
Uses High Strength General Purpose. Economy grade. Firm molds, filigree & thin channels. High precision. Low temperature for resin CAD-CAM, RP & SL models. Fast 15 minute molds. Elastic inserts, extreme undercuts, cores and plugs.
Shrinkage Medium - 2.3% Low - 1.1% Very Low - 0.1% Very Low - 0.1% Low - 1.3%
Tensile Strength before break 8.3 n/mm2 1204 psi 6.2 n/mm2 897 psi 8.9 n/mm2 1289 psi 8.9 n/mm2 1289 psi 7.7 n/mm2 1109 psi
Tear Strength before break 21.2 n/mm 121 lbs./ in 19.4 n/mm 111 lbs./ in 18.2 n/mm 104 lbs./ in 18.2 n/mm 104 lbs./ in 19.2 n/mm 110 lbs./ in
Elongation before break 667% 555% 614% 614% 900%