Silicone Jewelry Molding Rubber

All Castaldo Silicone Jewelry Molding Rubbers make superior quality molds that are tough, strong, easy to pack, easy to cut and easy to use.

Natural Jewelry Molding Rubber

Castaldo White & Gold Label Natural Rubber makes very strong and flexible molds.
Conveniently packaged in either 50lb (22.7kg) or 5lb (2.27kg) rolls.

RTV Silicone Molding Rubber

RTV silicone is a liquid silicone compound that cures at room temperature to form a flexible rubber. The term RTV is means Room Temperature Vulcanising.

Injection Wax

Superior quality waxes for a full range of applications, producing patterns that are very flexible, resilient and durable with great memory while still being easy to work with and to inject.