Castaldo Rapido jewelry molding rubber is a VERY FAST version of our Super High Strength™, Econosil™ and other silicone jewelry molding rubbers that can speed up your work significantly. It makes tough, strong PRODUCTION rubber molds in as little as 15 minutes. Rapido jewelry molding rubber gets your models into production FAST!
Castaldo Rapido jewelry molding silicone rubber cures at 93°C / 200°F and makes molds with a rubber shrinkage rate of only 0.1%.
 Here are some typical vulcanizing times for Rapido jewelry molding rubber -- only 1/3 the usual time!

Mold Size Vulcanizing
vs. Standard
12mm - 1/2" mold 10 minutes 30 minutes
19mm - 3/4" mold 15 minutes 45 minutes
25mm - 1" mold 20 minutes 60 minutes

Castaldo Rapido is a soft clay or putty-like material that is easy to work with, just like our Castaldo Super High Strength , Econosil and other silicone jewelry molding rubber compounds. Castaldo Rapido produces highly detailed wax injections with an extraordinarily shiny surface that requires less finishing. Waxes are self releasing and need no release spray or messy powder. Molds are easy to pack and cut like butter. Rubber shrinkage is only 0.1%.

All of the tools and techniques for using Rapido are exactly the same as those used with our Super High Strength, Econosil and other silicone molding rubbers. There’s nothing new to learn and there are no procedures to change.

Castaldo Rapido is lined with special release paper on both sides and is available in two sizes:
Regular: strips 45.7 cm x 7.3 cm x approximately 6 mm / 18" x 27/8" x approximately 3/8". Packaged in boxes weighing 2.27 kg. / 5 lb..
Double wide: strips : 45.7 cm x 14.5 cm x approx 6 mm / 18" x 51/2" x approx. 3/48". Packaged in boxes weighing 4.5 kg./10 lbs.

(Complete instructions are enclosed in each box.)