Castaldo LiquaCast

Safely molds just about anything without shrinkage!

Castaldo® LiquaCast®

is a 0% shrinkage room temperature vulcanizing liquid rubber that lets you make molds of delicate objects that would not survive the heat and pressure of the normal vulcanization process. Typical uses include making molds of CAD-CAM, RP and SLA resin models, wax carvings and wax injections. Also possible are objects from nature — leaves, plants, flowers, fruit, insects – anything!

Easy to pour!

Castaldo® LiquaCast® is an easy-flowing two-part liquid room temperature vulcanizing compound that makes tough, strong, flexible rubber molds in 18 hours at normal temperatures. It can be cured in as little as 90 minutes at temperatures up to 66° C./ 150° F.
Unlike traditional silicone liquid molding rubbers, LiquaCast is easy to pour, easy to mix and easy to vacuum de-bubble because of its low viscosity.

Costs Less!

LiquaCast produces superior molds but costs only a fraction of the price you may be accustomed to paying for traditional RTV compounds.

Stronger, tougher molds!

Molds made of LiquaCast are much stronger, tougher and longer lasting than those made fromtraditionalliquid rubbercompounds.LiquaCast molds are production molds that can be used 100’s of times, not intermediary or prototype molds that can be used only once or twice.

One step mold-making!

LiquaCast avoids the need to cast a delicate wax or resin model in silverand then make a traditional rubber mold from the casting, a process that can take several days and result in multiple levels of shrinkage and an inevitable loss of detail.

Easy to use!

LiquaCast is easy to use and requires no specialized equipment, making it ideal for those without a vulcanizer. It can even be used without a vacuum – merely coat the model with a brush dipped in LiquaCast and inspect it for bubbles before completing the pour. Any bubbles found can easily be pricked with a pin or similar tool. Models can also be dipped in LiquaCast and then inspected for bubbles.

Molds made of Castaldo LiquaCast liquid molding rubber will last many years if stored properly. For best results store finished molds in airtight containers such as the kind sold for food storage.

Hear what one mold maker has to say about LiquaCast®

1-lb kit/1 pt., 0.5kg / 0.5L
10-lb kit/1 gal., 4.5kg. /3.8L
50-lb kit/ 5gal., 23kg. / 18.9L